Monday, September 14, 2009


The most beloved thing for an artist to do. Sketch!!!
i realized "Hey dan you haven't posted in a while"
so i thought to myself and came to the conclusion to wipe out some sketches i like and post them!
Hope you guys enjoy them.
...unfortunately the scans aren't high quality

Some Disney fun! rockin Hades and Meg

More Sketches will be on the way!!!
hopefully ill be able to get some finished work up too

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Personal Artwork

These are personal pieces that i included along side my portfolio.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Portfolio March 5th/09

This is my portfolio for animation which i submitted on March 5th 2009.


These life drawings were to show structure yet expression and movement.

Observational Life Drawing

Animal Drawings

Hand Drawings


Original character designed and rotated by myself, This character was to show an expression sheet; pushing and pulling the character to create different emotions. Action poses; To show movement and an action in time. Rotation to animate and show the structure of the character.

Character Rotation

Front View

3/4 Front View
Profile View

3/4 Back View

Back View

Action Pose Sheets

Expression Sheet


Storyboard, to show that we can tell a story only through images and camera angles. This is to also show that we are able to draw and understand the character at hand.

Panel 1

Dialogue: Mice 1 (right) Thomas - "Us mice have constructed a gift for you our all mighty King."
Action: Establishing, Extreme long shot. Slave mice give a gift to King Alex

Panel 2

Dialogue: Alex - "FINALLY some respect around here!!"
Action: Medium shot on King Alex as he greedily accepts and opens gift.

Panel 3

Dialogue: Alex - "AHHHHHH!!"
Action: Extreme close up shot on Alex as he opens the box and shocked to see whats inside.

Panel 4
Dialogue: Alex - "PFFFT!"
Action: Long Shot on Alex as a boxing glove comes out and punches him.


Layout drawings, from objects to room. They are to show structure and perspective in time and space. We were also instructed to draw a figure in our room drawing so that we can show a figure according to perspective. (i apologize for the poor quality, hopefully in the future i can get better scans. Also i really dont know why this paragraph is bigger then the others, something wrong with the program)

Object Drawing

Room Drawing

The End

I hope you enjoyed looking at my portfolio, Thanks for taking the time to check it out

Sunday, January 18, 2009

My Likings!

To celebrate my first blog i have decided to show alot of my likings!
My ultimate goal is to get into animation and become an animator or even a director.
I love media!
i love music, i play drums
i love art, as you know i want to be in animation
i love movies, and i love to act and voice act!
I confess that i am copying my good friend Spyne (his blog with this idea off showing you my interests, but i dont think he would mind.


Devil May Cry (sorry guys i love this damn game ALL of them...but dmc2...but no one speaks of it. DMC3 is just the best one)

Final Fantasy 7-Advent Children

Disney (lol everyone that knows me knows i love to many disney films, however Lion King is my favorite by far)

Street Fighter Alpha (love the games, love the movie)

Miyazaki (Love Miyazaki but Howls is my favorite)